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A NASA-sponsored workshop was held in fall 2008 at the Johnson Space Center. This workshop was the initial effort at exporting the pilot systems engineering course to interested academics. The workshop also enabled a discussion on NASA's need for future systems engineers and the many opportunities to introduce the topic to undergraduates - from the pilot course materials to NASA internships to NASA systems engineering paper competitions. The workshop was attended by faculty from over 30 national universities. The workshop focused on discussing the SE course content and delivery as well as the UT Department of Aerospace Engineering perspective.

The following briefings were presented at the workshop:

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SE Workshop Agenda - 10/16/08

Seed Workshop Introduction - Kam Lulla

JSC Welcome to Systems Engineer Workshop - Steve Altemus

Creation, Synthesis, Leadership, Credibility, Intuition: What in the world do these have to do with Systems Engineering? - Mike Ryschkewitsch

The Art of Systems Engineering - John Muratore

Systems Engineering Leadership Development Program & Behavior Study - Christine Williams

JSC Systems Engineering Development Initiatives - Jason Nelson

ESMD Higher Education - Jerry Hartman/Gloria Murphy

Systems Engineering Educational Discovery (SEED) - Kam Lulla

Revisions of the Aerospace Engineering Curriculum at The University of Texas at Austin - Wallace Fowler

Space Systems Engineering Course: the Pilot - Lisa Guerra

Systems Engineering Case Studies (AFIT) - Charles Garland

NASA Case Study Initiative: Using Case Studies to Drive Organizational Learning - Ed Rogers

Managing Complex Projects - Wayne Hale

NASA Case Studies

GENESIS Case Study

GOES-N Case Study

New Horizons Case Study

Vasa ESMD Case Study

VCL Case Study

X38 Case Study

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